new website!
'live' section updated.


production has started on our second record, 'Nuda Vita'.


forget the east coast, we're staying in ottawa!


'live' section updated. we'll be heading out east in october, if anyone can help with any of the dates listed in terms of booking, a place to stay, or a sweet party get in touch!
we're almost ready to head back to the studio for our second record, so get excited. PANIC SEX is also getting pressed onto vinyl soon, which we are very happy about. if you want to help out with that in some way (give us money), get in touch!


'live' section updated.
we have been added to the NXNE roster... playing june 7th at midnight... which means by the time we take the stage, we will all be far too drunk to play. come watch us fall over eachother!
we are also apparently now on Facebook.


'live' section updated.
'press kit' updated.
mail order PANIC SEX through our label Sonic Deadline!


PANIC SEX is doing pretty well on the college radio circuit, so far climbing as high as #2 in some cities. thank you!
on a sad note, justin's grandfather passed away this week.. and as a result we have had to cancel the following two shows:
ottawa w/ Priestess, Mad Parish
toronto w/ Kill Decibel, To the Lions
our thoughts are with justin and his family. we will be back in action for our 3rd annual valentine's day bash, a small tour in mar/apr, and lots more this summer.


apparently PANIC SEX just won album of the year in the Ottawa Xpress's 'Best of the Rest of Ottawa' reader's poll!
a total surprise for us, thank you to everyone who voted for us even though we weren't on the ballot!
PANIC SEX is now available on Sonic Deadline, Ebay, OhNONO, and Robotic Empire.


PANIC SEX is here! our debut album can be purchased through us or our label Sonic Deadline.
we are doing some out of town dates this month with our buddies For the Mathematics, check it out if you can!


looks like we'll be on the road with our good buddies 'For the Mathematics' for most of november all around ontario and quebec... and yes, we will have copies of PANIC SEX with us! details about our official release show on halloween are up in the shows section.


our cd release party is halloween... more info on the show to come.
we will be on the road again come november!


new show added... the record is coming out in august on Sonic Deadline records, make sure you look for it!


2 tracks from our debut record 'Panic Sex' are now audible on our myspace page. we are currently talking to a couple of labels, but are still entertaining offers...
if anyone is interested in helping with the release of this album or getting on board in any way, contact us! if you would like to receive a promotional copy for radio or some other reason, get in touch.
it will be available for purchase soon!


wow its been a while... we've been busy paying off band debts, working on album art, getting the record mastered, writing, and pissing eachother off.
we are currently entertaining offers from labels. if you are one or know one that might be interested in receiving a promo copy of our yet-to-be-released debut 'Panic Sex', email us.
this website will be updated with new media and merch soon... until then, you can still hear mp3's, including bits of 'Panic Sex', on our myspace.


the record has been completed.
those of you in ottawa can preview it at babylon on feb.14.
new mp3's, merch, and all sorts of things are on the way.
'live' section updated.


thanks to everyone involved in friday's show, it went incredibly!

mastering for the record has been rescheduled for the second week of february, which wont affect the release date anyway because we have to get some other stuff organised. album art is being done by our buddy hayden and we're all super stoked about that. no shows scheduled for the new year yet, but stay tuned. new t-shirts and other bits of merch are coming soon!
happy holidays everyone!


the record is going great, it's almost done! mixing right now and its sounding fantastic.

'live' section updated, show on friday.


wow, this site has been down for a long long time... after fighting with our web provider for months now it seems to all be working again. sorry if anybody has been trying to contact us, our email has been down with the site. its all good now though...

Halloween Hardcore was awesome. all the bands ruled, and we sold a bunch of stuff so we can afford to get back in the studio. the final tracking sessions for our upcoming ep are scheduled for this week.

we are taking a break from doing local shows, so if youre hoping to see us sometime soon you'll have to travel. we'll be concentrating on releasing the record, touring, and writing.

we have new tshirts coming soon from our buddies at doublenaut as soon as we all agree on a design...



amazing show last night... all the bands were just killer. i think everyone there was pretty shocked at the lack of people though... come on ottawa people, you missed some awesome bands! they wont come back unless you support your scene!

'media' section has just received a huge update... feast your eyes on our ugly mugs.


Khanate ruled last night...
i finally printed the 'girly t's' ive been promising, and they look hot... see photos in the updated 'merch' section.
our web service has been down for a few days, including our email.. so if youve been trying to contact us, please try again now that its all working.


updated 'live' section.
record still coming along nicely, label support is at hand...
planning costumes for halloween hardcore!


show last night was great, thanks to all the bands and to our good friend samantha for putting it on. we also want to thank our new merch/band bitch eric for doing whatever we say and always smiling... and ottawa dance team for rocking out like nobody's business.

we have all sizes of tshirts in stock again, thanks for being patient... see the merch section for details. i have to screen the 'girly t's' this week, they'll be available at our next show... and they are hot as hell.


we've had some website upgrades; if anything isnt working please let us know. shows have been going well, studio has been going slow, but well. justin just celebrated a birthday, so if you see him punch him. alex recently joined local instrumental rockers 'as the poets affirm', make sure you catch them if you havent already.

thats is all.


our mini tour was a success! no problems with the border and the van didn’t break down. we’re eager to get back on the road soon. thanks to everyone who gave us food, shows, or a place to sleep.
our ‘girl’ shirts have finally come in, photos will be put in the merch section soon.
we will resume work on the record as soon as we get some money... its almost done...
live section updated.


thanks to everyone who showed up to our small house party show last week.. big ‘no thanks’ to all the idiots that stole shit from the house... hopefully they’ll do another show there one day.
small tour next week, everything is finally booked... we just need a van to drive around in. anybody renting?
the record is taking shape, only a few steps left to complete.
buttons are in, girly shirts are coming. check out the merch section for details.


ok, a few updates... thanks to everyone who came out to our show on the 8th, we all had a great time. unfortunately we didnt get enough under 19 kids out, so it looks like that will be one of the last AA shows we book ourselves in ottawa!
last night we attended the Golden Cherry Awards in ottawa... we were somehow nominated for ‘best live performance’, and we actually won! thank you to everyone involved in the awards and everyone who voted for us, we had a great time.
we are still working on our full length in the studio, and hopefully we’ll get it finished soon... it is sounding great, and we’re really stoked.
finally, we’re booking a small US tour the first week of august. we have a couple dates confirmed so far, but can use more... if anyone has good contacts for NY state, Pennsylvania, or NJ please email us!


last nights house party show was great, lots of awesome bands. thanks to everyone who helped out.
we have started the record, and its going extremely well. hopefully we wont run out of money before it gets completed.
buttons and ‘girly’ shirts are coming.


thanks to everyone who came out last night! we sold a lot of t-shirts, so if you want one make sure you get one soon...
the merch and media sections have been updated. you can now also download another song on our purevolume site.

studio friday.


everyone make sure you come out to Zaphod’s tonight; we’re playing a free show with some great bands!
our t-shirts are also finished, and they look fantastic... they will be available for purchase tonight! check out the merch section to see some shots.
we have also made 50 more copies of the demo... if you havent gotten one yet, make sure you do before we get sick of making these.

studio this friday to start the record.


Last night played a special last minute show at Irene’s pub with some great bands. lets just say there was alcohol...
We have tshirts on the way, should be here in time for our show at Zaphod’s on June 13. Pierre did the design, and it looks rad.
We have finally booked studio time with world famous producer and band member mike bond for mid june. we expect the record will be done and ready for sale by august.
We also have buttons coming, and are re-printing our 3rd run of the demo because it keeps selling out. thank you everyone!
more updates later.

Apr. 24/05

Been a while...
We are currently doing pre prod for our upcoming EP; we should be in the studio fairly soon.
Also working with a couple killer bands on a US tour for mid July.
If you live in the states, email us and we’ll come make noise.
Live section updated.

Mar. 29/05

Shows section updated.
Thanks to everyone who caught us at 295 Powell... Scott busted his face open pretty bad, im sure there will be a picture or two on the net somewhere...
We’ve decided to delay the Ep until we’ve written a couple more tunes... It will probably get done in June. Until then, buy the demo. We just did a second run...


Show last night went well, thanks to everyone who made it possible. Sorry to anyone who got hurt / caught fire.
We’re almost sold out of the first run of demos, so we’re printing more for friday’s show. A track from it is available in the ‘media’ section.
There is a live video from last night HERE ( ). Make sure you vote on the website.


Updated media, live, and a few other little things.
A trial mix of the demo was accidentally made available for download for about 18 hours until we caught the problem. The real mix / version will be for sale at live shows starting this sunday, and one track will be available in the media section within the next few days.


We just finished recording a quick two song demo. as soon as it gets mixed there will be a track available for download here. a limited amount are actually being physically printed, which will be available at live shows.
Our first EP will be recorded at the end of the month...
Live section updated.


This temp site put up.
Plans to record a 5 song EP at the end of March are coming together.